Rallium, Inc.

About Us

The Rallium Team

Our home office is in Central Minnesota. Our purpose is to provide new, innovative software solutions that bridge the gap between operations and management with tangible information.

• Senior Software and Database Developer and Project Manager

Senior developer with 26 years of experience working with programming languages from Assembler and C to Microsoft Visual Studio (classic and .Net). Extensive expertise with Microsoft SQL Server and Reports, Excel automation, and Microsoft Access; applying this expertise to manufacturing and process engineering.

• Senior Software Developer

Senior software developer with 25 years working with programming languages from mainframe PL/I and JCL, to Microsoft Visual Studio, to Web Dynpro for ABAP in SAP(SD). Expertise in developing user interfaces.

• Senior Technical Report Writer and AutoCAD Authority

Senior engineer with 26 years of experience as a Civil Engineer, writing specs for many well-known and highly visible national projects.

• Controls, PLC, and HMI Developers

With certifications in Wonderware, Rockwell Software, Allen-Bradley PLC's, Beckhoff PLC's, and Siemens WinCC and PLC's.

Mission Statement

  • To provide new, innovative software solutions that bridge the gap between business units with tangible information;
    by transforming real-world activity into useful data and management tools.

  • To help and support the success of our customers;
    by providing simple and easy access to data acquired through automation.

  • To recognize and understand the individual skills and expertise of the people who work for and with us;
    by engaging them in the areas they do best.

  • To maintain good citizenship;
    by demonstrating dedication, honesty, integrity, and service to our customers, partners, employees, vendors, and country.

Our Warranty

Any defects in our products will be resolved free of charge, at the customer site, at our expense.

Download the company brochure: Rallium Brochure.pdf

Download the company president profile: Profile.pdf

Our contact information:
email: EngineeringSales@rallium.com  Telephone: 612.875.0305
Snail Mail: PO Box 412, Willmar, MN 56201