Rallium, Inc.

Software Development

As on the Home page and in our mission statement, our purpose is to provide new, innovative software solutions that bridge the gap between operations and management with tangible information.

Our engineers are very comfortable in a highly technical environment. Seen here is one of our typical triple-monitor software development environments; in this case SQL development on the right, Studio.Net in the center, and the prototype application in runtime on the left.

What keeps this thing under control?


The following flow diagram was done in a recent project for a company in Mankato that provides web-based interaction between contractors, consumers, and insurance agents. This software was designed and implemented as "Software As A Service". The diagram demonstrates our expertise with marrying email, Microsoft SQL, and public-facing web pages as the User Interface. Not seen are the company reports and usage tracking.

We can automate your business and manufacturing processes, so that your people can do more important things while the computer takes care of the tedium.


Our contact information:
email: EngineeringSales@rallium.com  Telephone: 612.875.0305
Snail Mail: PO Box 412, Willmar, MN 56201