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Our Software Applications

Rallium is a software application provider. We either have or will soon have the following applications available for purchase and install:

Recipe Management, Scheduling, and Execution
A browser-based application, with user-level access to the different areas of recipe creation, scheduling, and execution. Recipes, once scheduled, are then usually called Batches or Lots (discrete and/or continuous).

This software puts the responsibility and control of recipe management into the right hands, namely Quality Control Managers, rather than tasking your control engineers to create and edit production recipes. This software also stores your recipes, and all its versions in a central database rather than on a batch server which typically stores the recipes in flat files or in undocumented, and sometimes unsecured, databases.

This software package is available now! It can be installed over the following industry-standard batching servers and automatically sends the batch execution commands and recipes to the batching server: FactoryTalk Batch, Wonderware InBatch, Custom batching implementations written in the PLC and/or SCADA.
* Quality Control staff have access to the recipe building and parameter management pages
       + Quality Control can build recipes as 'Under Construction', then release the recipe to production when ready
* Scheduling staff have access to the scheduling pages, and only able to use recipes that are released to production
* Recipes that have been scheduled will appear in an HMI screen for selection and execution by the process operator
       + The software component that displays the schedule in the HMI is part of this software package
       + When an item is executed by the operator, the item is electronically sent to the batch server
* While the recipe (batch or lot) is running, our software captures real-time data for that batch such as:
       Actual quantities, temperatures, mix times, etc.
* Rallium will provide batch reports based upon your specific requirements

Downtime Tracking and Reporting
Monitors PLC bits within a Line or Area, to automatically determine the first reason for a downtime event. If no automated bit is available, this software provides a User Interface where an operator can select the reason code and enter comments if desired. For both automated and manually entered reasons, the operator can create or edit the comments later, when time allows.

The User Interface can be implemented on an HMI screen (such as InTouch, FactoryTalk View, or WinCC), or in a web browser on any computer on the network. Reports are provided that show:
* Real time uptime and downtime graphs
* Uptime and downtime status for Machine, Line, or Area
* Downtime Histogram ordered by most to least egregious
* Downtime Predictor using historical data and variables such as: temperature, humidity, product, line speed, etc.
* Efficiencies for Day, Shift, Hour, per Machine, Line, Area, and Operator
* Efficiency comparisons between Product, Shift, and Operator
* Efficiency changes over any selectable two points in time, such as "This time last month" or "This time last year"

Warehouse Material and Product Tracking and Delivery
Tracks incoming raw materials and outgoing products:
* From the receiving bill of lading to the point of entry into WIP
* From the production output point to the delivery bill of lading

Rallium ERP
More sophisticated than Quickbooks (although it contains everything Quickbooks has), and less bulky than SAP or JD Edwards:
* Manages Projects and Estimates,
* Human Resource planning with estimated labor, and actual labor applied to projects
* Inventory for to-stock and to-order locations,
* Financials including payment alerts and processing, automated invoices, receipts, and business expenses,
* Customer order management including contact information, recievables, and finite scheduling,
* Vendor management including contact information, payables, and efficiencies

After you have seen a demonstration of any application above, if you would like it customized to meet a more specific need, we can and will make that happen for you if feasible and possible.



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