Rallium, Inc.

System Integration

Rallium provides expertise in integration of plant floor processes with business systems such as servers, databases, and applications for scheduling, tracking, reporting, and certification. Rallium provides the engineering and integration to get the process data up to the business side by automating the acquisition of data from production area devices such as component test stands and parts manufacturing machines. Data collected from these devices can be temperatures, speeds, time, stress, vibration, weight, and any other parameter that needs to be recorded.

Where connectivity and automation of plant floor data is not possible or feasible, Rallium can provide operator stations and software for data entry, connected directly to the system on the business side. This includes bar coding or touchscreen functionality if desired.

Rallium will:

  • Provide design and definition for the required systems
  • Provide software solutions and data collection from devices such as Programmable Logic Controllers and many other kinds of automation devices and equipment
  • Provide software solutions and application interfaces to business systems such as ERP, MRP, CMMS, Scheduling, Tracking
  • Configure and integrate the devices
  • Provide process and data reports as specified by the customer
  • Provide training to end users for all aspects of the provided solution

In addition to the expertise described above, Rallium also has extensive experience and capability with:

  • HMI, SCADA, Historians, using Wonderware Application Server, InTouch, Industrial SQL; Rockwell's FactoryTalk View, Historian, Transaction Manager, and VantagePoint
  • PLC Programming for Allen-Bradley and Siemens
  • Server and network component design and specification, configuration and installation
  • Server and workstation virtualization
  • Data backups, redundancy, and Disaster Preparedness
  • Remote support of your systems


Our contact information:
email: EngineeringSales@rallium.com  Telephone: 612.875.0305
Snail Mail: PO Box 412, Willmar, MN 56201