Rallium, Inc.


Rallium is a system integration company with expertise in industries including Food & Beverage, medical device manufacturing, automotive parts manufacturing, and many others. Our team members have been providing automation solutions since 1986.
Our expertise spans across all industries. We provide:

  • Software and database design, build, testing, and installation; special expertise in Microsoft SQL.
  • Automation of data, and integration of systems that bridge between production and management.
  • Data download to your plant floor such as recipes and run paramaters.
  • Data acquisition for product tracking and reporting; and downtime tracking and reporting.
  • System integration between the plant floor and business applications.
  • HMI and SCADA implementation, virtualization, and thin client technology.
  • PLC Programming for Allen-Bradley and Siemens.
  • Server and network design and specification, configuration and installation.
  • Our own off-the-shelf software applications: Our Software Applications

Solutions are provided according to customer needs and can be integrated with company ERP, MRP, and scheduling applications, as well as integration with plant floor devices such as Programmable Logic Controllers and other devices over Ethernet, DeviceNet, Data-Highway, USB, and serial, to name a few.

We are based near Minneapolis, MN. Rallium has a very unique capability for traveling to small cities and rural locations. We have in our arsenal a very fast and highly efficient aircraft that enables us to get to places 4 times faster than by car, and 33% cheaper. This aircraft can use any runway as short as 1/4 mile long, grass or paved. If you need Twin Cities resources at locations outside the Twin Cites, we are at your service! Since we are so mobile, our "local" customer radius is much greater than any typical Twin Cities integrator. All points Minnesota, all points Wisconsin, all points Iowa, Eastern halves of North and South Dakota and Nebraska, and Northern half of Illinois, no point is more than 3 hours away for us, including any amount of road time to and from large or small country airports.

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Our contact information:
email: EngineeringSales@rallium.com  Telephone: 612.875.0305
Snail Mail: PO Box 412, Willmar, MN 56201